Get into an affordable car leasing contract with our boys down at Glendale Auto Brokers they specialize in Auto Leasing in Glendale  and get the best leasing deals near Glendale, CA. Skip getting harassed at the Glendale Dealerships or as I call ‘Stealerships’ It might sound to good to be true but you can save up too $100 per month getting the same exact car in Glendale. Why is it so much cheaper going with Glendale Auto Leasing. Great question the reason why its cheaper is because you get rid of the hefty dealership price leaving just the invoice price. Dealership prices can markup almost $5,000 Dollars, that’s an insane price.

What is Auto leasing?

A vehicle lease is an arrangement where you pay your leasing company for the right to power your leased automobile. Your monthly repayments don’t build fairness (ownership) for you in the automobile. Instead, as you make your monthly payments you are easily upholding your aspect of the bargain that permits you to pressure the automobile for a certain period of time, quite often two or three years.

WHAT AM I procuring WITH MY month-to-month hire repayments?

The 2 main reasons that assess how a lot you pay per month in your leased automobile are its depreciation and your money factor.


Like any cars, as you power your leased car it depreciates in price, that means the cost it might sell for on the open market decreases. To account for this lack of worth, your leasing enterprise requires you to pay for the value it expects your leased auto to lose as you power it.

When you negotiate your lease, you and your leasing organization agree on how much the vehicle is worth at the commencing of the lease and your leased manufacturer estimates how so much it’s going to be valued at on the finish of your hire. Finally, you have got to pay for the change between the auto’s price on the beginning of the hire and what your leasing manufacturer expects it to be worth at the finish of your lease. The picture under illustrates the 2 values your leasing enterprise makes use of to calculate the depreciation you pay for with your lease repayments.

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Thank you for visiting True Shine Cleaning Services. We are proud to be the premier house cleaning company serving downtown Denver and surrounding neighborhoods. True Shine Cleaning Services is committed to provide you with a new high standard of house cleaning in Denver. We offer one-time house cleaning services, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly house cleaning services. We also offer low rise window cleaning, small business and office cleaning services throughout Denver.

What Makes Us Different

We pride ourselves on our impeccable attention to detail and wonderful customer service. True Shine is managed by its two owners; we believe adding unnecessary management leaves room for error and unsatisfactory service. By staying close and working directly with our clients, you will not only receive a cleaner home but an overall better experience. True Shine Cleaning Services recommends a before service pre-inspection to ensure that your needs and expectations will be met, and your price quote is accurate. If you have a last minute request, we are happy to accommodate as much as possible.

Why Choose True Shine Cleaning Services?

We are local

When you pick up the phone, you can talk to the owner of True Shine Cleaning Services. We are a small Denver House Cleaning company, committed to our clients, employees and our community.

We know quality

We’re obsessed with the details. We got started long ago on private charter yachts where anything less was unacceptable. We love to impress our Denver clients every day.

We are friendly

Our business culture includes plenty of laughter and positivity. We bring this attitude into our cleaning while being serious about our service. We enjoy our work and it shows.

We are reliable

Our house cleaners show up on time to clean and always leave your home immaculate. If we don’t have an available employee, we will come out personally. We take note of any special requests specific to your home, giving you a customized cleaning every time.

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